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KWS Paint Sealant 16oz.

KWS Paint Sealant 16oz.

16.OZ KWS provides a durable surface protection  to both painted and standard gel coat surfaces. Crystalline polymers combined  with real carnauba wax offers unmatched protection against UV rays and salt degradation. KWS is easy to apply,remove and creates a glossy, mirror-like finish and lasting protection.

Hand Application : Apply sparingly using a clean microfiber applicator or sponge.
Allow product to dry to a light haze and wipe off with a microfiber towel.
Machine Application : Apply small amount of product directly to the painted surface .
Using a polisher with a foam pad ,spread product over a 2'x2' area at low spead.
Apply moderate pressure and buff till products residue is gone. Wipe excess product with a microfiber towel.
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